About Me

Look around. Everyone has a unique story. Many people don't have a chance to share the layers of their complexity with anyone other than their most intimate circle. 


An Adventurer & Entrepreneur

Exploring new places and cultures is part of what brings me joy. While I have many interests, my deepest passion revolves around helping clients and friends put what they love into new and exciting perspectives.

Paragliding in Kas, Turkey

I spent a few years traveling, adventuring, and writing. My desire was to help other people share their stories. 



Koh Yao Noi

I want to share as many stories as possible, so that we can all be inspired by the greatness that each of us may choose to possess.

Modeling Photo by Noire3000
Photo Courtesy of Noire3000

My Passion

I have been a professional writer, cinematographer, photographer, martial artist, model, and actor in South East Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. My love for creative expression is my second greatest passion. My first, is listening to someone tell a story with each fiber of their soul.

Georgia 3, Noir3000
Photo Courtesy of Noire3000

These Are Measured Words.