Beauty & the River

Individual Narratives

Share your story with the world. Measured Words can be your own personal videographer to help you capture and artistically communicate what you want to say.

Professional portrait photography and short marketing videos for social media can help you re-introduce yourself to the world. Family member mini-documentaries are also a stirring way to remember a loved one after they die. It feels good to share your story or the story of someone you care about.

measured words commercial portrait

Community Sagas

Influencing social change by uniting voices and streamlining vision. Measured Words can help keep your community message in alignment, which helps with clarity of purpose.

Krabi, Thailand Coal March 2017

A community is one of the most powerful instruments for change. One way to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to excel is to forge the future they deserve here and now. When communities harmonize a legacy of potential is often created.

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Commercial Tales

Commercial Tales

Does your business have a clear message? Measured Words can help your message to resonate with current and potential future clients. How you say things matters.

Make your company message more dynamic by having it both seen and heard. A short social media marketing video message can convey your purpose differently. Webisodes are also a great way to establish yourself as the community expert in your particular field or industry.

Isara Thaothong -- Artist

Captured Moments

Light and shadow are frozen in time; these moments speak to the emotions. Measured Words also offers photography services for portraiture, commercial, and landscape purposes.

Flower @ Koh Phi Phi
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image 2

A moment captured in time can express the most significant aspects of reality and reflect personal truths. Photography, like videography, is the art of freezing light in place while playing with shadows and depth. That's why Measured Words also provides services for portraiture, commercial, and landscape photography.

Erin & the Hat
Beehive Hostel - commercial videography
Dash For Freedom
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image 6
image 7
Travel Bag on Swing Peach
Thanyapura Olympic Resort